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Castle Process Servers & Investigations is a government licenced private investigations agency operated by a retired police detective with over 30 years of specialized investigative experience. This specialized investigative experience ensures our clients are provided with the results they expect and deserve.

Our team also provides both Genetic and Traditional Genealogy Services. Our expertise and training, in this field, have resulted in the discovery of hundreds of missing family members and ancestors.

Our agency is committed to providing both the public and legal community with quality service while respecting privacy.  

Investigative Services

The specialized investigative experience and training acquired over 30 years includes, but not limited to assignments in Covert Operations, Intelligence, Drugs, Guns and Gangs and Robbery units. This knowledge, experience and training ensures our clients will receive quality service in the following investigative areas.

  • • Missing Persons
  • • Statements
  • • Criminal Defence Investigations
  • • Disclosure Review
  • • Background Checks
  • • Unsolved Crimes / Deaths

Contact us for a free consultation regarding this service and how we can assist you.

Genetic and Traditional Genealogy

Our team practices the science of genealogy and evidence collection primarily to support a family relationship. We specialize in retrieving documents and records sleeping in archived information houses.

The new and bold science of DNA, specifically genetic analysis, can clearly support hard copy documents and records as well as family stories and bibles. It can also deny a primary record, a derived primary record and secondary records.

Genetic analysis provides lineages and any connection between related people. We provide the client with direction, support and assessment of findings.

The principals of establishing proof to your family tree can be learned. In addition, our team is dedicated to giving direction, filling in the gaps of a collection and/or teaching one on one to those who wish to create a family history on their own. We will assist in locating and analyzing sources, explore the potential of DNA testing if applicable; all of which results in the client adding historical context to their kin collection.

Contact us for a free consultation regarding this service and how we can assist you.


Adoption / Fostered

If you're adopted, fostered or a birth relative searching for a child/sibling who was relinquished we will assist in obtaining the primary records, collect data from placing agencies, research, offer intermediary service and facilitate a reunion. To attend information houses, analyze records and deduce a family member takes skill and expertise.

The skill of researching and remaining confidential during a search for a birth relative is essential for all those involved.

We are dedicated to helping all persons in the adoption triangle. In addition, we offer direction and assistance to those who wish to embark on the adventure of finding your birth family on your own. We offer support services pre and post reunion.

Our goal is to answer your life long questions.

Contact us for a free consultation regarding this service and how we can assist you.

Records / Documents Retrieval

Our team has six decades of experience in searching, obtaining and certifying documents/records for the judicial system, institutions and the general public. Conceivably, on an international level we can determine where to access a primary, derived primary or secondary documents for any case, file or reason. In addition, we locate the most elusive article, periodical and archived material for those who require comprehensive material.

Contact us for a free consultation regarding this service and how we can assist you.

Estate Beneficiaries / Heir Research

The research involved in the search of beneficiaries occasionally requires forensically clad documents to support the identification of the heir(s). This is especially true when intestacy occurs. To determine the identity of an unknown / known heir requires navigating information houses and occasionally DNA evidence. We provide both services.

Generally, wills are straightforward and locating a missing heir is a simple investigation. Our probate researchers also provide search direction to the estate trustee who wishes to locate the missing beneficiary on his/her own.

Contact us for a free consultation regarding this service and how we can assist you.

Process Serving

Process Serving

City of Hamilton and Niagara Region
$ 60.00
  • 3 Attempts at same address
  • Mileage Included

Process Serving

Halton, Haldimand, Peel Regions and Brant
$ 75.00
(please contact us for areas not listed)
  • 3 Attempts at same address
  • $0.65 / km Mileage